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Lorilei Snyder(non-registered)
Thank you for the images you create and share. There is something ethereal about your work, those images-they stay with you on such a personal level...inspiring and meaningful.
curso porcelanato liquido(non-registered)
Your pictures are incredible, I'm doing some college work and they helped me a lot, I just have to thank you. Hug.
Eric Londgren(non-registered)
I saw your photos at the Essential Bakery Cafe in Fremont last month when I was up in Seattle on vacation with my family. Nice work!
Carla Leininger(non-registered)
Found your art in a Seattle coffee shop as I was leaving the city from a quick 2-day stay. Very nice!
I was looking at your photos here and they are each wonderful. The iconic R stood out to me, the Seattle streets, the vacant space with graffiti & the orb of light..all fantastic. Great work!
Julie parker
Absolutely LOVE everything you do!!! I may have missed on site but do you have prices listed for different sizes of your prints and without the mattes? Also are you related to Maureen?
You will go very far with these unbelievable photos!!! I want them all!
Saw your work this morning at Tully's - really lovely, beautiful photographs. Thank you.
robert bob lalas
The pictures you have a great i love to at those picture its very inspiring. I'm so grateful i found this website.
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